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During our almost 20 years of operation we have been able to create a quality assurance system that was developed together with many of our customers to satisfy their need for food safety. 

Your supply originates only out of audited (Cawela, or third parties) facilities.
Your supply has HACCP implemented.
Your supply is positively released.
Your supply is traceable.

Our experienced QC personal operates according to work flow plan, that has been approved by many multinational customers.
Our localized inspectors are quick at location and understand local customs.
Our agricultural and pesticides control and monitoring system is mandatory for our suppliers.
Our work flow processes are documented, traceable and are at your disposal prior to shipment, including full pesticide, micro and heavy metal certificates issued by accredited laboratories.

Very detailed documentation about out QA/QC system will be at your disposal upon request.

The system assures that you get your product in the right quality, at the right with the right price. Our system also includes an early warning system, should weather or other factors influence contract performance or cause delays.